Bytescout.XLS for .NET License Key 1.32.2

Developer: ByteScout Software
Specifications: Changes:
  • minor bug-fixes
  • improved support for XLS and ODS formats
  • Added XLSWorkBook.Properties added to work with SummaryInformation structure to write and read XLS document properties
  • Cell.NumberFormat property reading support
  • minor bug-fixes in negative values reading
Limitation: Not available
Operation system: Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/2003
Price: $195
License: Free to try
Version: v1.32.2
Downloads: 6746
Rating: 4.9 / Views: 4438
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The namespace renamed from Bytescout.XLS into Bytescout.Spreadsheet~ method Cell.ValueFormatted renamed Cell.ValueAsHTML~ method ~ method Cell.Type renamed Cell.TypeBIFFFormat~ method Cell.GetFormatType renamed Cell.NumberFormatType~ method Cell.Calc renamed Cell.Calculate~ method Row.ColCount renamed Row.ColumnCount~ method Row.ColMax renamed Row.LastNonEmptyColumn~ method Row.ColMin renamed Row.FirstNonEmptyColumn+ new method Vell.ValueAsExcelDisplays* minor bug-fix with loading XLS containing some types of charts1.40.22 ( October 2008)+ new method to copy worksheets: Worksheets.Copy()1.40.1 (18 October 2008)+ new method to copy worksheets: Worksheets.Copy()1.40 (15 October 2008)+ XLSWorkBook.Properties added to work with SummaryInformation structure to write and read XLS document properties* Cell.NumberFormat property reading support* minor bug-fixes in negative values reading1.33 RC2 (27 September 2008)* minor bug-fixes in ODS reading support1.32.2 (23 July 2008)+ advanced samples for VB.NET were added (see /Examples/Advanced Examples/ folder* minor bug-fixes* minor documentation updates1.32.1 (26 June 2008)* minor bug-fixes in XLS writing support+ new samples in the documentation1.32 (25 June 2008)* bug fixed with file blocking while using existing spreadsheet file to read from * improved XLS format support (for XLS produced by Open Office)* minor bug-fixes1.31 RC7 (16 June 2008)* minor bug-fixes in XLS reading support1.31 RC6 (14 June 2008)+ new property Cell.ValueAsDateTime to read/write datetime values from cell* minor bug-fixes1.31 RC4 (9 June 2008)* minor bug-fixes* minor bug-fixes in unmerging cells support1.31 RC3 (4 June 2008)* minor bug-fixes in XLS writing support* internal optimization (XLS writing support)* updated documentation* minor bug-fixes1.31 RC2 (31 May 2008)~ improved exception handling~ improved cell format reading property1.31 RC1 (27 May 2008)+ support for merging/unmerging cells functionality: Cell.Merge, Cell.Unmerge, Cell.MergedWith and Cell.MergedWithCell* minor bug-fixes1.30.4 (6 May 2008)+ New methods for Range class: InnerBorderStyle, InnerBorderColor, OuterBorderStyle, OuterBorderColor~ .Format property of Cell, Column, Row, Range classes supports writing now as well (so you can copy formatting using code like this Sheet.Range(“B2:M32”).Format = Sheet.Cell(“B2”).Format;)* XSLX format reading support improved+ Worksheet.Active property added to select the worksheet selected by default* bug with non-selected worksheets while writing XLS fixed~ Bytescout.XLS.Constants.HorAlignment has been renamed to Bytescout.XLS.Constants.AlignmentHorizontal~ Bytescout.XLS.Constants.VerticalAlignment has been renamed to Bytescout.XLS.Constants.AlignmentVertical+ CSV reading support has been added+ New properties for Row, Column, Cell, Range classes: IsDiagonalDownLine, IsDiagonalUpLine, DiagonalBorderStyle,DiagonalBorderColor to set color and style for diagonal lines for cell(s) formatting* minor bug-fixes~ updated documentation+ more advanced examples were added (see /Examples/Advanced Examples/)1.30 RC (5 April 2008)+ support for XLSX (Excel 2007) documents reading (formula reading are not supported yet)+ support for ODS (Open Office) documents reading (formula reading are not supported yet)+ new samples: Find string and highlight the cell with this string; Using different fonts; Line styles demonstration* bug with worksheets renaming fixed* rich-text handling improved while saveing XLS documents* minor bug-fixes and improvements1.20e (29 March 2008)* bug with exception while saving to the Response stream in ASP.NET fixed1.20 Release (12 March 2008)* minor bug-fixes* reading functionality Excel documents improved1.20 Beta 2 (4 March 2008)* minor bug-fixes reading worksheets in some Excel documents (.Xls)1.20 Beta 1 (8 February 2008)~ limitation on reading more than 100 cells/rows in DEMO version removed1.20 Beta (4 February 2008)+ .Formula property support for Cells to read and write formulas (e.G. =A2*C2*10%)~ improved for modification (read, change and write back) support for Office 97 and higher documents * minor bug-fixes1.12 (15 January 2008)* minor bug-fixes in XLS documents modification support* minor bug-fixes1.11 (11 December 2007)* minor bug-fixes in XLS reading support for some XLS files* minor internal bug-fixes1.10a (28 November 2007)* Asian symbols support improved while reading XLS1.10 (24 November 2007)~ Export to HTML improved* minor bug-fixes in XLS reading support* minor internal bug-fixes1.01 (5 November 2007)+ new methods: Worksheet.SaveAsCSV, SaveAsHTML, SaveAsTXT, SaveAsXML+ new class HTMLTemplate for customized XLS to HTML export* minor bug-fixes1.00 (8 September 2007)+ initial version This package has no dependencies. 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